coldchainThe Coldchain transport refrigeration unit is a modular system consisting of separate condenser, evaporator and vehicle driven rotary compressor. The condenser section is a pressed steel construction, zinc passivated and powder coated giving a smooth finish and excellent durability. The evaporator section is fabricated from aluminium and galvanised steel ant contains only stainless steel hardware.

The integral design of the condenser and evaporator is such that both bulkhead or roof mounted fixing may be accommodated, but also the unique facility of being able to install the condenser into moulded roof sections whilst allowing total accessibility to all electrical and refrigeration components.

As referred to in the options section a range of compressor adaptor kits are available to choose from to complement your Coldchain package.


  • C2500 H : Chill Unit
  • C2500 L : Chill Unit
  • C2500 LE : Chill Unit
  • C2500 SE : Freezer Unit
  • C4350 SE : Freezer Unit

System Features

  • Nylon barrier refrigerant hose
  • O Ring type reusable fittings
  • All solter joints brazed with silver alloy
  • High & Low pressure switches
  • Long life / low noise fan motors
  • The defrost facility is of a hot gas design and specification and is initiated by either manual or automatic selection
  • Method of termination is by an active temperature sensor
  • High capacity evaporator blowers
  • Complete installation fitting kit
  • Time saving installation design

Technical Data

Airflow Performance

  • Condenser: 1370 M3/hr.
  • Evaporator: 2120 M3/hr.


  • Type: R134a
  • Charge: 2.2 KG

Refrigeration capacity

  • Ambient: 30°C
  • Compressor Speed: 1850 RPM

Other refrigerants available on request.


  • 12V or 24V DC operation
  • Continuous fan operation
  • Remote digital temperature controller
  • A comprehensive range of compressor adaptor kits to suit your vehicle type.


The displacement of the unit compressor is 147cm / rev. and has a recommended maximum working speed of 3000rpm.

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